If You Are What You Eat, then Hillary Clinton = Inequity

My dad hated McDonald’s and Burger King and it wasn’t because the food tasted bad, or was bad for you. He believed in supporting your “local independent businessman.” He understood that when McDonald’s came to town, Bob’s Big Burger would probably die. And it eventually did.

When huge franchises land in your city, be it WalMart or Chipotle, please understand that they have come to extract wealth, as fast and as much as possible. They often kill off the local businesses — the mom-and-pop operations that are the backbone of communities — because too many customers are seduced by their marketing and don’t understand the true costs of the seeming bargains they offer.

Not my dad, and not me. To this day, at home or when I road trip, I seek out the local places, and avoid the franchise fast food like the plague that it is.  I want my dollars to support local economies, local entrepreneurs, and I have enough of a sense of adventure to try something new.

One of the biggest issues facing America today, is staggering inequity. It promises to be a major issue in the 2016 Presidential election, as evidenced by the fact that Republican candidates (yes, Republicans!) are even talking about the growing gap between rich and poor.

Hillary had lunch at Chipotle, the restaurant with the worst inequity of any major retailer or restaurant chain.  From USA Today:  “Montgomery Moran and Steven Ells, co-CEOs of Chipotle Mexican Grill, pulled down more then $13,000 a hour apiece. Compare that with the average $9.15 an hour paid to Chipotle crew members…”

I don’t know how much Bob from Bob’s Big Burger made, but I bet it was not over 1,000 times as much as his workers.  And, he supported a lot of youth sports teams and local charities. All this, and his burgers were way better than a Whopper or Big Mac.

So why is Mrs. Clinton and her campaign team patronizing Chipotle, the worst offender of any national chain?  It’s not bad optics. It’s just bad, period. It’s bad for Maumee, Ohio’s local economy.   It’s a bad example for America. It’s bad leadership.

And if Mrs. Clinton doesn’t understand this, what are the chances that she will fight against the public policies that give national chains an unfair advantage over local entrepreneurs?

Full story here on CEO pay versus worker pay:

Read more about the impact of chain stores on community:

And next time you’re in Maumee, whether it be for business, pleasure or politics, check out some local food and drink:

If You Are What You Eat, then Hillary Clinton = Inequity

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