Are You Listening, Mrs. Clinton?

Mrs. Clinton kicked off her campaign for the presidency by driving to Iowa to conduct another “listening tour.”  But after the first two stops, it’s become obvious how carefully staged and transparently silly this tour is. The participants are hand-picked.  Mrs. Clinton is jotting notes. (Write fast, there’s a lot to learn before being President!)  No questions from journalists.  But the media cameras are allowed in to beam the images around the world, and the background has been meticulously arranged by a set designer.

This is all about optics: presenting carefully constructed images to make us feel that Mrs. Clinton will develop her policies based on the input of everyday Iowans.  Are we to believe she is going to actually craft her policy platform based on what she is learning in a week-long road trip through Iowa?  Her stance on issues has always been and will always be more affected by the Wall Street money lining up to fund her $2.5 billion campaign. These poor Iowans are unwitting props in a Clinton campaign infomercial, with free airtime provided by 24-hour cable news.




Are You Listening, Mrs. Clinton?

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